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סגור את תיבת החיפוש

Marketing Writing in English

Mesarim crafts words with power

We make sure to correctly address the target market, motivate users to take action, differentiate and better position your brand, and use creativity whenever possible to make your business stand above your competitors.

Great words are only part of a message

While the written word takes a place of honor in any campaign, we also take into consideration target marketcharacteristics, user behavior, non-verbal communication, search engine performance and all other factors to further enhance your marketing goals.

Your content is in the very best of hands

At Mesarim, we believe that an expert should be focused on their area of expertise. For this very reason we are able to provide a one stop, high quality shop. We put the writing in the hands of highly talented marketing writers who carefully work on your project according to our guidance.

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Words move markets

Targeted, motivating and inspired words can lead to a positive boost in your public image, your positioning in the market and – ultimately- your bottom line business results. Mesarim drives your business or organization forward by providingpowerful content in English.

Why English?

Marketing communications in English are an inseparable part of the world of business in Israel. If you need pitch decks for investors from abroad, websites geared towards customers from English speaking countries as well as English speakers residing right here in Israel,catalogs and brochures for international exhibitions – then professional and proficient English content is a must for establishing your place as a global competitor.

How can we help you?

  • Open and closed presentation decks in PowerPoint or Keynote, including content writing, designand coding; investor pitch decks, presentation decks for internal and external communication, marketing presentations and any other needs.
  • Website conceptualizations, content creation, complete website production (writing, designing and coding), website specifications and structure.
  • Copywriting: names, slogans, taglines, copy for brochures, catalogs, roll ups, posters, and more.
  • More than that, we understand oral, written and visual languages, we write our words with an eye to design and how the message will both appear on a page and appeal to your customer on many levels.We have created successful articles, Blog posts, translations, and printed materials for both local and international exhibitions

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