Our company is a startup that has undergone the efforts to develop a remote cattle monitoring system to increase the production of a grazing herd of cows.  Since we just started I have approached Mesarim to craft our marketing strategy and company image.  As the first step we asked them to help us chose a company name and design our business cards.  In two days we received 10 well-crafted names to choose from.  Being engineers we gravitated towards the more conventional and conservative options.  Mesarim was the one that convinced us to think of more “risky” names that could be better recognized by the industry.  After the discussion we agreed and chose one of their proposed names “Moonitor”.  The business card design followed swiftly and professionally.  We plan to use Mesarim in future work as we grow and our needs grow with us.

DR. Arnon Gat
Chairman, Moonitor